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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings

When I was little we made a few trips to California to see my step sister. Her granny always made the BEST chicken and dumplings. I wish I had made some with her so I could learn her secrets of making them from scratch. Then again-it took her a long time in that kitchen to make them. So I'm not sure I would make them much. 

Thank goodness for crockpots! I found this recipe and thought that if I ever make  chicken and dumplings I better make it as tasty and easy as possible. 

Here's what I put in my crockpot.
• 5 medium chicken breasts thawed
• 3 cans of Campbell's reduced fat cream of chicken. (No reason for the reduced fat, it's just what the husband grabbed at Smiths'-you know men with details). :-)
•2 cans of chicken broth
•a palm full of dried parsley
•about half a palm full of pepper
•a good pinch of salt
•4 tablespoons of unsalted butter
•half a chopped onion

I cooked that on high for a little over 4 hours. Then I pulled all of the chicken out and slightly shredded it. I like some of the chunks of chicken in it. Not all shredded.

I then used one can of flaky pillsbury biscuits (I like a lot of dumplings). As the recipe says, cut the biscuit into 9 parts.

Cook on high for another hour as the recipe calls.

Before serving I added a pinch of pepper to each bowl again.

The verdict.

1. I will only put a quarter of the onion next time.

2. I would put less parsley in it.

3. I know it sounds like I did a lot of pepper. But with all of the sodium in the Roth and soups-I will add more pepper next time as well.

I liked it and will definitely make it again. Shon is not a dumpling fan. He ate some but would prefer just the chicken without the dumplings. If you have one of those picky eaters. I would just set aside the chicken before you add the dumplings next time. Then I will just make some white rice to out the chicken over for

All three of my boys like it. My oldest is a little bit like his dad. So it wasn't his favorite. But he ate it and he will eat it again.

I say a 4/5 stars. Maybe a 5 next time with more of my alterations. 

Enjoy! And happy cooking!!


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