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About Us
We met the summer of 2002, married in February of 2003 and the rest is history! We have 3 wonderful boys and lots of nieces and nephews that we love!

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About the Mr.
Shon was born and raised in Plasant Grove. He's a lifer! He loves football and hunting. Shon works for Alpine School District and the Provo Police Department.

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About the Mrs.
Cristina was born and raised in Arizona. She loves crocheting and some sewing. Cristina currently works for Intermountain Healthcare as a Quality Assurance Rep.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings

When I was little we made a few trips to California to see my step sister. Her granny always made the BEST chicken and dumplings. I wish I had made some with her so I could learn her secrets of making them from scratch. Then again-it took her a long time in that kitchen to make them. So I'm not sure I would make them much. 

Thank goodness for crockpots! I found this recipe and thought that if I ever make  chicken and dumplings I better make it as tasty and easy as possible. 

Here's what I put in my crockpot.
• 5 medium chicken breasts thawed
• 3 cans of Campbell's reduced fat cream of chicken. (No reason for the reduced fat, it's just what the husband grabbed at Smiths'-you know men with details). :-)
•2 cans of chicken broth
•a palm full of dried parsley
•about half a palm full of pepper
•a good pinch of salt
•4 tablespoons of unsalted butter
•half a chopped onion

I cooked that on high for a little over 4 hours. Then I pulled all of the chicken out and slightly shredded it. I like some of the chunks of chicken in it. Not all shredded.

I then used one can of flaky pillsbury biscuits (I like a lot of dumplings). As the recipe says, cut the biscuit into 9 parts.

Cook on high for another hour as the recipe calls.

Before serving I added a pinch of pepper to each bowl again.

The verdict.

1. I will only put a quarter of the onion next time.

2. I would put less parsley in it.

3. I know it sounds like I did a lot of pepper. But with all of the sodium in the Roth and soups-I will add more pepper next time as well.

I liked it and will definitely make it again. Shon is not a dumpling fan. He ate some but would prefer just the chicken without the dumplings. If you have one of those picky eaters. I would just set aside the chicken before you add the dumplings next time. Then I will just make some white rice to out the chicken over for

All three of my boys like it. My oldest is a little bit like his dad. So it wasn't his favorite. But he ate it and he will eat it again.

I say a 4/5 stars. Maybe a 5 next time with more of my alterations. 

Enjoy! And happy cooking!!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Take me home, country road...

This past April Shon and I had a quick trip to Arizona for a family situation. I hadn't been back to Arizona since my parents left several years back. I think it was 2008? I miss Arizona...as much as I love the benefits and beauty of Utah, Arizona will always be my home. I think I get it from the Bender side of my family (which is my mom's side) although there are no Bender's left there. I do have some extended family there on my biological father's side. One of which is my Aunt Martha that I haven't seen since I was just a little kid...we're talking almost 30 years I think. In the past few years I have been in contact with her and I even found out I have another uncle that I either didn't remember or didn't know about. I am SO grateful for social media and genealogy so I can attempt to connect and have some sort of relationship with my family.  I also have a ton of friends left back in Arizona...and friends to me are just as important as family. They are our elected family. I have been friends with Mike and Brittney since 1997. I met Brittney in school and I met Mike at my first job at McDonalds. I actually knew them separately for a few years...so I can always joke that I knew them longer than they knew each other! :-) Fate would have it and they were married a few years after Shon and I. These are some of the bestest friends I have. I literally texted Brittney the day before and said we are coming and asked if we could crash at her house. Thankfully they didn't have plans and were available for the weekend. It was one of the quickest, most emotional, rewarding and memorable trips I have had to Arizona. I wish I had more time. So much has changed since I had been back home. I didn't get a chance to see everyone and everything I wanted...but it did make me want to make more of an effort to go home.

Blurry...on our way...

Totally off subject. And no pun to my truck driving friends and family...but I REALLY hate when rigs do this on a two lane stretch. Move! 

Getting ready to cross the border and go over the damn...

Coming up on the bridge...

One of the most beautiful creations...

Shon and I have this pact every time we drive to Arizona. We stop in Paige, Arizona at the Jack in the Box. EVERY TIME...We don't have one here in Utah and they have some of the best burgers. It's our own little wacky tradition and we like it! :-)

He's really enjoying his burger. lol

Just outside of Paige...road construction. We were stuck here for about 20 minutes...super...

My grandparents are buried in Phoenix. And since there is no family left there (I am the closest family) I went to check on their gravestones. The flowers were left from my mom from almost 3 years ago...

The morning's came earlier with lots on the agenda...thank goodness Brittney had coffee brewing!

My little buddy. He made it easier so I didn't miss my own kids so much. I was so anxious to meet him. 

I  may have spoiled him a little with some ring pops. :-)

Full size dog...on my lap...and I loved it! I would sit on her couch and she would come right over and lay on my like it was nothing...I really wanted to take her home!

Fixed up the flowers on grandma and grandpas graves. Hopefully they last!

Grandpa always said he wanted a spot in the shade...

The Cardinals used the ASU stadium last time I lived in Arizona...they have since built them their own stadium, and mini mall, and restaurants, etc. Holy cow! It's huge! Too bad I think the Cardinals suck. :-)

I totally see the Mays resemblance in my Aunt Martha and I...we both have the same shape like eyes with the brows coming down over our eyes. She is so awesome! I am so proud of the work she does and so grateful she was there!

Our 18 years of friendship picture. We have been through weddings, deaths, kids and so much more. Couldn't have asked for a better wing chick to go through it with!

Of course we had to get Rylan in there too! 

Heading home...

48 hours and 1346 miles later. Orem to Phoenix or bust! It was definitely not a bust! Til next time AZ.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer time part 1

Summer is half way over and we are in it full swing! We have done our usual parades and carnivals along with some camping. But...I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready for school to start back up. It is usually mid summer when I am done having the kids home all day. Especially with as hot as it has been they haven't been able to play outside much during the day...so they want to play video games and bug mom and dad. :-) Here's what's been going on so far...

On our way camping...

Another journey up the canyon...

Our bbq team.

Waiting for Orem Summerfest to start!

Strawberries and Cream...enough said...it was pure silence from my boys.

Sawyer playing with the soccer ball while waiting for the food to cook.

Love our Provo PD!

Jordan, just chilling in the heat, watching the carnival

Mini bonfire post getting rained on up the canyon.

Dave got new glasses!

Mom/Ashton/Auntie Sandwich! He looks really happy about that...

Orem Summerfest fireworks

What Jordan usually does when we get home from being out all day...strip, get his blanket and snuggle mom.

Grandma just chilling...

Cranky Cameron...not sharing his seeds. :-)

My strawberries and cream. So good!

No Carnival is complete without the corn dog! yum!

I have no idea what conversation they were having but they seemed entertained...I just took the pictures.

Our view on our way to Salamandor flats to camp.

He really does love me...

Provo Love

My marshmallows!

Jordan having a serious issue with waiting for his hot dogs.

Bike Patrol high fives

Summerfest fireworks after the parade

A rare occasion of my calm Jordan. :-)

Our view the first night camping. It was an awesome view! The only thing annoying was the horse flies. The area we were at (Salamandor Flats) is a large trail for horse back riding and dirt bikes. It's nice because it's an active area and everyone was helping everyone, but the smell of horse poo got to us...so we moved the next night. And we got this view when we walked maybe 10 feet uphill from our tent... (Thanks James for taking the pic...after 3 days of camping I had no cell phone battery.)

A camping trip is never complete without relaxing around a camp fire and talking and for me...talking to my kids.

On the second it was really and we were really dirty from moving across the trail to a new camp site with less flies...so we went up to Tibble Fork Resevoir and let the kids play in the water. 

Savannah doing a little payback for splashing...

All the kids playing around and seeing how deep they can go.

 Jordan and Bradley were having a splashing contest...it was as intense as look Jordan has on his face...

The view...it is literally a lake up at the top of the mountains in the middle of no where. No cell service, No running toilets (I REALLY struggled with this), just trees, water and some bugs.

We had a great weekend. The elevation got to Shon and I a little so by Sunday morning we were ready to head home and wash up...We all had dirt in places we didn't even know you could get dirt! We were all pretty smelly...no wonder why the wild animals stayed away! :-)

My foot...I had to scrub this 3 times...not even kidding! SO GROSS!

Until next time AF Canyon. 

AF Canyon 1-Frary/Hoggan Family 0

Still to come...4th of July and a mini family reunion!